Our Process

While each individual and family that we work with are unique, we also believe it is important to provide structure and transparency for new clients.   It is our goal to build an easy to follow roadmap to achieve your goals while allowing for flexibility on what life throws your way.

Our Most Common Approach

Phase 1

Get to Know Each Other

This is a chance for us to get to know each other. We will ask a lot of questions and gladly answer any that you may have. If you’re interested in moving forward after this call, then we schedule an in depth 1-2 hour discovery meeting which is face to face or over video conference. This meeting allows us to go in-depth across a wide range of life and money topics and get to the bottom of the “why” behind your plan. We will discuss your goals so that we can go to work behind the scenes to create a living, breathing plan to help you achieve those goals.


Phase 2

Presentation and Implementation

Following the meetings from Phase 1, our firm gets to work preparing your customized and tailored comprehensive financial plan. The plan will not only provide you with a probability of success in achieving your goals but will also lay out clear and concise steps to get there. Presenting the plan is a great step but, like anything in life, the implementation and ongoing guidance and support our firm can offer is where clients see the best results.

Phase 3

Ongoing Support and Guidance

At this point you’ve had a chance to really get to know our firm and we’ve been able to provide you with a structured plan on how you can begin achieving your financial goals. For some, this is the awareness and nudge in the right direction that they needed to then implement a “self-management” plan. However, for those serious about their ongoing financial future, we offer ongoing support, investment management, and expertise to ensure their plan stays on the right trajectory and also adapts to an ever changing landscape.

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Curious to know more?

We offer a free 30 minute introductory call for those interested in becoming clients with Van Gelder Financial.  During this call we will ask a lot of questions and answer any that you may have to ensure there is a match.

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